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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A high school in Sacramento is planning an educational field trip for its 11th grade students to visit UC Davis and tour the campus. The school wants to provide transportation for the 150 students in the 11th grade to travel from Sacramento to UC Davis, which is about 15 miles away. To make the trip easy and comfortable, the school decides to rent a 56-passenger charter bus from a local Sacramento transportation company. They book the bus for the entire day from 8 AM when students arrive at school to 5 PM when they return. The total cost for the 10 hour charter bus rental comes out to $1,650. The school appreciates the charter bus company’s experienced team and comfortable buses with amenities like WiFi and power outlets to keep students engaged during the ride. Renting the charter bus ensures all students can attend the field trip regardless of their transportation needs. It’s also the safest option compared to individual cars and school buses. The cost per student works out to just $11, making it very affordable. The school is happy to invest in an educational and memorable trip for their students.


Example #2

A regional sales manager at Wells Fargo is planning an annual corporate outing for her top performing branch managers in Sacramento. She wants to arrange a fun day visiting top attractions like the California State Railroad Museum, Sutter’s Fort, and the Crocker Art Museum. She gathers 12 managers from branches across Northern California to meet at headquarters, booking a 20 passenger charter bus to shuttle the group around the city. She rents the bus for a full day for $1,650, allowing them to customize an itinerary to see the sights. At the end of the excellent service, she tips 15% as a token of gratitude, bringing the total to $1,897. By booking group transportation, she builds camaraderie between her team while providing a unique experience visiting Sacramento’s highlights.


Example #3:

Fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder are planning an exciting trip to watch their team take on the Golden State Warriors in Sacramento. With the regular season heating up, Thunder supporters from across Oklahoma want to see their team in action and cheer them on against the defending champions. To make it easy for everyone, a group of 20 die-hard fans decides to rent a charter bus for the trip. They will leave Oklahoma City on Friday morning and head to Sacramento, arriving with plenty of time before the big Saturday night game. The charter bus they select has comfortable leather seats, TVs, WiFi, and a bathroom to make the long drive enjoyable. For the roundtrip from Oklahoma City to Sacramento, their 25 passenger charter bus rental costs $2,100. This works out to only $105 per fan for transportation to the game. While in Sacramento, the bus will shuttle them between the hotel and arena so they don’t have to worry about parking or driving. With an exciting NBA matchup and hassle-free transportation arranged, Thunder fans are sure to have a memorable trip supporting their team on the road against the Warriors.


Example #4:

A group of friends from the Bay Area is planning a day trip to Sacramento for a wine tasting tour. They want to visit three wineries in the region and not have to worry about driving or parking. For their group of 12 people, we recommend renting a 20 passenger charter bus in Sacramento for the day. We would pick them up in the morning in San Francisco, drive them out to Sacramento, and spend the full day going between wineries before dropping them back off that evening. For a 10 hour rental like this, we would quote them $1,650, which comes out to around $138 per person. This gives them a personal chauffeur, luxury transportation, and the ability to relax and enjoy the wineries without driving. They can build a custom wine tasting itinerary and not have to worry about transportation at all.


Example #5:

A couple is planning their dream wedding in Sacramento and want to provide convenient transportation for their 120 guests. They decide to book a charter bus rental for the big day. On the morning of the wedding, the charter bus will shuttle guests from their hotel to the ceremony venue, providing continuous loops starting at 9am. After the beautiful garden ceremony concludes, the charter bus will then transport guests to the elegant ballroom reception across town. The happy couple books the charter bus from 9am-11pm to cover the entire wedding day timeline. For a 56 passenger charter bus booked for 14 hours, the quote comes out to $2,380. The bride and groom happily pay this price knowing their guests will have a stress-free travel experience. They make sure to tip 15% at the end of the night as a thank you for helping make their Sacramento dream wedding a reality.

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